Join the CRCD Volunteering Program

CRCD is launching a Volunteering Program and seeks young enthusiasts interested in issues related to cross-border cooperation to work along with CRCD staff and promote cross-border cooperation in Macedonia and the region.

The program is divided in four annual cycles. Each program lasts for three months.

The deadline for application of the first two cycle is the following:

1st cycle: 10.11.2017 (duration of the volunteering program: 01.12.2017 – 01.03.2018)
2nd cycle: 10.02.2017 (duration of the volunteering program: 01.03.2018 – 01.06.2018)

To apply send the following documents:

  • CV in English language (Europass format)
  • Motivation letter (in English language)

to with subject email: Application for CRCD Volunteering Program – <stating your preferred cycle>

Brief description of the Program:

CRCD Volunteering Program Benefits:

  1. enlarge your knowledge in current policies and regulations governing cross-border cooperation
  2. develop communication skills
  3. develop proposal writing skills
  4. develop networking skills

CRCD Volunteering Program tasks and responsibilities:

  1. Drafting reports in English and Macedonian language on issues related to past and current practices of cross-border cooperation in Macedonia and the region
  2. Networking activities with institutions working in the field of cross-border cooperation
  3. Participation in events related to cross-border cooperation activities in Macedonia (in specific IPA2CSO)

More about specific tasks and responsibilities here.

The volunteer will not be financially covered for its performed tasks.

After the successful completion of the volunteering program the volunteer will be awarded with a certificate of appreciation and reference letter stating his main activities and tasks performed during the course of the program and the skills he or she obtained.