Donate for the Skopje flood victims!

On Saturday, 6th of August, a terrible and rather unexpected storm hit Skopje. Whereas the city center and the most urban areas remained without any significant damage, wider streets, under-bridge passages and especially the Skopje ring-road and the surrounding villages suffered a tremendous damage. Their houses were under water, cars were destroyed, many animals died and the crops were all destroyed from the sudden flood of water. What is worse, 21 people died and there is still a search for missing persons.

For more info read the article of Balkaninsight here.

What we would like to do here is to call for donation for the victims of the floods. red Cross Macedonia is coordinating donation, as well as some non-governmental organizations, private institutions and individual citizens. If you are from outside Macedonia, and if you want to donate, please contact the Red Cross Macedonia. You can also use these number(s): +389 75 (или 70 или 77) 143 400.

Furthermore here you can find a map of the location where donations are taking place:

Points for donation


Thank you for your kindness!

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