CRCD Blog - Cross-Border Cooperation



The Center for Research, Cross-Border Cooperation and Development (CRCD) is founded in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia on 17 January 2014. It is registered in the Register of associations and unions, Official Registry of the Republic of Macedonia as non-profit association of citizens with personal identification number: 6933076 and tax identification number: 4057014524408.



CRCD main purpose

is to enhance and improve the legal, economic, cultural and other fields relevant to the overall social development of the Republic of Macedonia by promoting cross-border cooperation. CRCD, acting as a non-profit organization focuses on research and development, innovation and internationalisation and it supports the goals of organisations, experts and individuals which foster development, effective implementation and efficient dissemination of EU projects.

What does CRCD do?

  • Fosters cross-border cooperation in the region by organizing different events and campaigns
  • Conducts research activities and implements projects in the field of law, economics, culture and other social spheres
  • Promotes cooperation between NGOs based in the country or abroad
  • Collaborates with experts, local, regional and international organizations and institutions