Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia-Skopje: IPA — Promoting alternative childcare services 2014/S 055-091140

1. Publication reference: EuropeAid/135660/IH/SER/MK.
2. Procedure: Restricted.
3. Programme: IPA.
4. Financing: Financing agreement.
5. Contracting authority: Ministry of Finance, Central Financing and Contracting Department, Sveti Kiril i Methodij br. 54, 1000Skopje,THE FORMER YUGOSLAV REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA. Internet:
6. Nature of contract: Global price and fee-based.
7. Contract description: The contract aims at promoting implementation of alternative childcare services that ease the participation of parents, in particular women, in the labour market. The project will elaborate and establish form(s) of alternative childcare services that will enrich the offer of affordable, flexible and quality childcare. The forms should be inherent to the country circumstances. The alternative forms of childcare will be introduced through capacity-building activities for the relevantinstitutions and necessary amendments to the legislation. Additionally, measures for support and promotion ofthe alternative childcare services that could be financed by national or EU funds will be developed. Within the project the developed alternative childcare services will be tested and piloted.
8. Numbers and titles of lots: The contract is divided into lots: No, 1 lot only.
9. Budget: Maximum budget: 1 500 000 EUR.


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