EDEN – Online Toolkit for Cross-Border Cooperation


An interesting web site has been created recently by one of our partners the Institute for Internationl Sociology of Gorizia (I.S.I.G.) in cooperation with the Council of Europe. It is an online toolkit for Cross-Border Cooperation on which you can:

Learn: Explore the database
You can start learning from the experience that others institutions had with Cross-Border Cooperation by heading on the main page and selecting one of the four sections:

Areas: here you can choose a specific area of intervention (Labour Market, Health-Care, Education and Training, …) and then browse the activities other users implemented, the obstacles they encountered and the solutions they found
Issues: from here you can see all the CBC activities that the users implemented, and browse them by area
Obstacles: here you can find all the obstacles that have been encountered in the implementation of CBC activities, and browse them by area and by the factors that contribute to them the most
Solutions: here you can find all the solutions that the users found to the obstacles they encountered

Teach: Share your experience
If you wish to contribute to the database, you can head to this page: there you will be able to choose whether you want to contribute by sharing an issue, an obstacle or a solution.

Check out the web site here