Europe for Citizens, Stand 2 – Democratic engagement and civic participation: Call for Civil society projects

This measure supports projects implemented by transnational partnerships promoting opportunities for solidarity, societal engagement and volunteering at Union level. A Civil Society Project must include at least two of the following three types of activities:
1. Promotion of societal engagement and solidarity: activities able to promoting debate/campaigns/actions on the themes of common interest in the larger framework of the rights and responsibilities of the Union citizens and making the link to the European political agenda and policy making process.
2. Gathering of opinions: activities aiming at gathering the individual opinions of the citizens on a specific topic to be yearly defined, favouring a bottom up approach (including the use of social networks, webinars, etc.) and media literacy.
3. Volunteering: activities promoting solidarity among Union citizens and beyond.


– LEGAL STATUS: ALL applicants/partners must be either PUBLIC BODIES or NON PROFT ORGANISATIONS with legal personality 

– ALL applicants/partners must be ESTABLISHED in one of the countries participating to the Programme

– APPLICANTS/PARTNERS: Non-profit organisations including CSOs, Educational/cultural/research institutions. Only as PARTNERS: Public local/regional authorities, Town Twinning, committees/networks

– MINIMUM NUMBER OF PARTNERS to be involved in a project (i.e. participating countries) of which AT LEAST ONE is an EU Member State: at least 3 eligible countries

–  BUDGET: MAXIMUM eligible grant for a project (EUR): 150.000 


Official application form : The project proposal is eligible if it is submitted using the currently available grant application electronic form (eForm)
Deadline01/09/2014 – 12:00 (CET/CEST, Brussels time)
Official language: The official application form (eForm) has to be completed in full in one of the 23 EU official languages

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