Call for Papers: Joint volume “Diversity of migration in South East Europe”

Within the last 25 years migration patterns in South East Europe have profoundly changed. Borders have disappeared; new borders have brought both new migration possibilities and new restrictions. Emigration as a strategy of searching new job opportunities and a better life has been a continuous phenomenon in all South East European transition. In the 90ies, the wars forced people to move and in many cases the situation of refugees and IDPs in the post-conflict countries of former Yugoslavia has remained unresolved until today.

The edited volume aims to discuss these concurrent migration movements, their sources and consequences: How do the diverse migration movements affect societies in South East Europe? How can new forms of migration and changes in mobility patterns be explained? How are different migration movements and their impacts interrelated? And how can we deal with this diversity from a theoretical point of view?

Papers discussing current forms of migration inside South East Europe (SEE), its reasons and its impacts, from the perspective of different social science disciplines are very much welcome. We especially invite contributions from young researchers (PhD students and recent PhDs).

Please send your abstracts by October 15, 2014 via email to

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