CRCD submitted a project proposal as partner institution

CRCD, as partner institution, participated in a COST Proposal, submitted few days ago. With a project proposal entitled “URBANDISSENT”,  this COST Action aims to investigate the emergence of heterogeneous political subjectivities connected at the same time to the global financial and debt crisis and its developments worldwide, to the negligence of public policy schemes on tackling multicultural and multireligious aspects of societies everywhere and also to the decrease of welfare State now unable to develop efficient social policies in order to reduce socio-spatial inequalities and injustices. The Action will explore the reasons behind different forms of discontent in urban space and discuss, by establishing possible cooperations with local and national policy makers, on solutions and propositions for reinforcing the “living together” in European societies and enhancing social and economic opportunities for deprived, segregated and especially young populations in the city.

This proposal has 26 proposers from which:

  • Gender Distribution of Proposers: 38.5% Males; 61.5% Females
  • Average Number of years elapsed since PhD graduation of Proposers with a doctoral degree: 9.7
  • Number of Early Career Investigators: 9
  • Core Expertise of Proposers:
  • Distribution by Sub-Field of Science
  1. 30.8% Social and economic geography
  2. 30.8% Sociology
  3. 11.5% Economics and business
  4. 11.5% Political Science
  5. 7.7% Other social sciences
  6. 7.6% Other
  • Institutional distribution of Network of Proposers
  1. 94.1% Higher Education & Associated Organisations
  2. 5.9% Private Non-Profit without market revenues, NGO
  3. Higher Education & Associated Organisations:96
  4. Private Non-Profit without market revenues, NGO:6