Paper presentation at the 10th annual international conference on European Integration (UACS Skopje)

Each year the University of American College Skopje organizes an international conference on European Integration in Skopje. This year the topic is EUROPEAN INTEGRATION – NEW PROSPECTS, and it is organized today in Hotel Holiday Inn in Skopje.

To see the programme of the conference click here.

CRCD is proud to announce that CRCD President Dr. Marina Andeva will present a paper at the conference with co-authorship with Dr. Daniele Del Bianco from the Institute of International Sociology of Gorizia on the following title: Cross-border cooperation in Europe: empirical experiences and practices

The paper attempts to present an overview of existing analytical approaches and tool aiming to decode cross-border co-operation (CBC) processes in Europe. Taking stock from the research-led experience on CBC issues developed by ISIG – Istituto di Sociologia Internazionale di Gorizia, the papers considers the multifaceted nature and goals of CBC and aims to present different perspectives useful for the understanding of the process.  In fact, cross-border cooperation could be described either as a process aiming to overcome the sedimented fractures in the history of states, or as an instrument with which regional continuity is being generated reducing the Westphalian principles of state sovereignty, or even as a system of continuous efforts to reduce borders’ effects as territorial frontiers since borders no longer exist in Europe (ISIG, 2011). Such cooperation is held to bring positive consequences on the territories on which it operates; it testifies that facilitated regional continuity across borders allows for socio-economic development, mutual understanding whilst promoting overall European integration. The paper presenting the results from relevant research activities carried out  by ISIG under the auspices of the Council of Europe, pinpoints a number of possible analytical tools to depict cooperative processes across borders and  introduces a new tool developed by the Council of Europe, the so-called EDEN platform; a database containing best practices of CBC collected from European actors.