This week (XXV) Euroregional cooperation: Danube-Drava-Sava (basic facts)

1 Euroregion x week


Euroregional cooperation “Danube-Drava-Sava” is an international organization of regional governments (counties, cantons), cities and regional industrial, trade or chambers of commerce or similar associations of business entities in the Republic of Hungary, the Republic of Croatian and Bosnia and Herzegovina and other areas that spatially gravitate to the rivers Danube, Drava and Sava. This organization does not have legal personality; with an open character, meaning that the adminissions of new members are open with no restrictions.

The reason for the gathering of the founders was the project of building a European highway European transport corridor V / c (TEM project) that connects these regions, and allows them to establish better communication with Central Europe and the Adriatic Sea. The initiative for the creation of this form of cooperation was given by Baranya County from the Republic of Hungary. After some preparation in Pecs on 26 June 1998 the statement of intention to…

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