CID Call for VET Expert – Е-Region: Development Opportunity

Center for Intercultural Dialogue (from Kumanovo) call is based  on  development  of  online  courses  that will engage  learners  in  strength  their  soft  skills  and  improve  their  performances  for  the  labor market. The  courses  shall  be  designed  to  improve  the  capacities  of  the  learners  on  the  following  topics:

  • Communication  Skills
  • Basic  (Information  and  Communication)  ICT  Skills
  • Organization  and  Project  management
  • Course  suggested  by  the  VET  Experts
The  courses  shall  be  available  on  Macedonian  and  Bulgarian  Languages.  The  Contracted  training  provider  is  expected  to  develop  the  course  in  Macedonian  and/or  English  language.

Deadline for  reception  of  applications:  9 of November 2014
The   project   ‘E­‐Region:   Development   Opportunity’   works   to     enhance   social   cohesion   in   the   cross  border   region   of   Macedonia   and   Bulgaria,   through   development   of   online   learning   tools   and  promotion  of  entrepreneurship.  It  is  implemented  by  Center  for  Intercultural  Dialogue  (Macedonia)  and   European   Institute   (Bulgaria),  under   the   IPA   Cross   Border   Programme, CCI   Number  2007CB16IPO007.
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