CRCD, in cooperation with Balkan Net  implemented a project supported and approved by the City of Skopje.

The project included preparation of an interactive and innovative map of Skopje for young people with interesting locations and references exclusively for young people who visit Skopje.

The objectives of the project were to stimulate the local economic growth through the development and support of tourism in the region of the City of Skopje and actively to engage youth volunteers for promoting the City.

The idea was to prepare a tourist map and tourist guide of the city of Skopje, which will be aimed at young people and tourists. Stimulated by the European practice we wanted to facilitate the promotion of our capital and to attract young tourists. This kind of maps are already long available in many countries across Europe.

The final product of the project – FREE MAP FOR YOUNG TRAVELERS:

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Download the map in pdf version here.

However the idea does not stop here, we aim at updating the map every six months, and finding interactive tools to promote it internationally. We aim at developing our map further in order to include it in the wide USE-IT Europe family ( For this reason we will continue seeking for sponsorship and donors who can support us and our idea! Please contact us if you have any ideas for its improvement and visibility!


Thank you!