International academic conference on European integration entitled “Borders, imagined and real”

Today is the last day for sending abstracts for the upcoming International academic conference on European integration entitled “Borders, imagined and real”, organized by the University American College Skopje. 
The major goal of the conference is to take an in-depth examination of the concepts of borders and boundaries, as well as the acts of crossing them. This conference will especially seek to explore the development and growth of real or imagined borders which through the years have demonstrated to have strong presence and impact on societies, their development and growth. 
Major issues to be addressed by the conference:

  • Old and new borders on the European continent: trends of secession and integration
  • Challenges to regional, cross-border and trans-border cooperation in Europe
  • Open vs. closed borders: free movement, migration control, and the future of the Schengen Agreement
  • Border security and management
  • Dealing with social, ethnic, linguistic and religious boundaries within Europe
  • Overcoming the digital divide
  • Education without borders: transnational exchange and mobility programs
  • Economic boundaries in the age of globalization
  • Historical, philosophical and cultural perspectives on the concept of borders

For more information on the Conference and the guidelines for sending your abstract please visit: