The Applications shall fulfil the following eligibility criteria:

  • Compliance to the CEI Plan of Action
  • Eligibility of Applicants
  • Eligibility of activity/ies foreseen in the Application
  • Eligibility of the expenses and ceiling of the requested CEI contribution

The Application should mainly refer to one of the areas of intervention and respective priorities (see chapter 2) as specified in the CEI Plan of Action 2014-2016. Activities which are not in line with the Plan of Action and/or with the proposed area of intervention and respective priorities will be automatically rejected. While interdisciplinarity is
considered an asset, multiple references to the Plan of Action should be avoided.

All public and private entities registered in CEI Member States as well as international/regional organisations can apply. All Applicants shall refer to their legal status within the Application Form, referring to the relevant legislation or act as appropriate. Non-Governmental and Civil Society Organisations as well as private entities shall annex an official proof of registration to the Application Form with a courtesy translation into English.

CEI Cooperation Activities can take the form of conferences, seminars, workshops, and other types of meetings, training activities as well as preparation of studies and analysis. Other types of activities meeting the primary objectives can also be taken into consideration. Applications organised over multiple activities are admissible but Applicants shall request the CEI support only for one defined portion/event of the programme falling into the calendar year 2015. During the evaluation there will be no preference given to one type of activity over the other: apart from compliance to the CEI Rules for Allocation of Resources and accuracy in providing comprehensive information over the proposed activity, the extent and quality of regional cooperation in these activities will be taken into consideration as well as the added value with respect to European integration.

Date of publication on http://www.cei.int : 27 March 2014
Deadline for application submission: 27 May 2014 12:00:00 CEST (GMT+2) midday Trieste time


The Call for proposal can be downloaded here.

The Application Form and Rules are available on the following link.